Vicki Morgan is an awesome trainer...I am seeing results quickly. She is passionate about what she does; therefore she has your goals and best interest at heart. Cristi L. 9/21/2014

Vicky is a wonderfully skilled and knowledgeable cheerleader for making good, fast and safe progress in strength, endurance and abilities. She is positive and challenging but not aggressive or shameful. Gloria S. 9/23/2014

Vicky was fantastic with pushing me to meet my goals. I was really surprised with the amount of education I received from her. She made sure that I was using the work out equipment correctly and that I had the correct form while lifting weights. I loved the fact that she had my plan/goals written down. Charis M. on 9/22/2015  

Vicki trained me for my first powerlifting competition. I completed all my lifts and won an award. Vicki is a super trainer, an excellent encourager and a strong, confident and kind person.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone, especially beginners who need good form and gain confidence. Tami G. 7/3/2015

Deadlifting used to be one of my weak points. Either I had back pain or I wouldn't be able to move the weight. After Vicki helped me with my form and mental focus, the change was immediate. Her knowledge is apparent as she instructed me on correct form. In about 15 minutes I was lifting 20 lbs over my previous weight with zero back pain!  -- Andy Mushet, Personal Trainer, 11/15/2016


Vicki has the true heart of a teacher. Her safe and well thought out approach is one of the many reasons we highly recommend Vicki for your next gym adventure. I recently decided to do a bodybuilding cycle and the support and information I have received has been so helpful. Vicki gave me a comprehensive workout plan along with a diet philosophy to make sure I hit my goals! - Drew Smith Under Ten Fitness 1/2016

Vicki, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me!  For the first time in FOREVER, I was able to walk into a gym by myself and not feel intimidated or lost. I was able to do my Goblet squats right with everyone else in the dumb-bell area, anddo all my exercises on the machines. You have helped me SO much!  ... amazing! Kathleen Young 5/2016

Thank you for today's coaching! I was feeling pretty dim about my powerlifting progress and you helped breathe new life into it. You're the best! - Brittany Meier 4/2016
I recently worked with Vicki to compete in my first powerlifting meet. I completed all my lifts and won a medal. She is very committed to her clients meeting their goals. She is passionate about what she does. I have loved having her as my coach, and I am very happy with the results I have gotten. - Cindy Richey 9/2016
 I have been thinking about power lifting for a while however I don't have enough confident to do so then my gym buddies KersTin and Vicki Morgan encourage me , show me and push me that I can. I am pretty proud and know I will do better. Thank you may not enough but I am thankful. Jiji Kulliphat Fait 10/2016